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New Release: Moodie Foodie – Queen Momo and her Secret Recipe

icon moodie foodie

Welcome to a new take on the puzzle-RPG genre!
Up to four players can play cooperatively in this “Puzzle Frenzy RPG” for adventurers and puzzle fans alike!
Get in a frenzy and play with all your friends!

Once upon a time, there was an island named Gourmetia, a land filled to the brim with delicious ingredients.
In Gourmetia’s oldest country, Peachatoria Queendom, the young and greedy Queen Momo ruled.
But one day, Peachatoria stopped receiving supplies of ingredients.
The people were no longer able to dine on the fine foods to which they had grown accustomed, while investigations uncovered troubling rumors about the machinations of the other nations…

Queen Momo, to whom delicious food was a primary concern, grabbed the nearest (somewhat reluctant) attendant and embarked on a perilous journey…

Moodie Foodie is a “Puzzle Frenzy RPG” for up to four players over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.
Whether you’re out and about, at school, or even at a party, you can have some laidback fun with friends near and far!

It’s easy as pie: Just link three or more panels with your finger! Link lots at once to reveal special panels with extra panel-popping power!
One tap on a special panel, and hey presto! All panels of that color disappear, like magic!

Up to four people can play together, and the more friends you play with, the bigger the rewards!
Playing in multiplayer doesn’t cost Stamina, and there are multiplayer-only bonuses to find, too!

All that fun with friends near and far! And who knows? Perhaps you’ll even meet someone new…
So what are you waiting for? Join in and experience this exciting multiplayer game today!

Remove enough panels in a battle and you can enter “Frenzy Mode,” your chance to go on a panel popping rampage! Will you use it right away? Or try to save it for the boss? Getting the timing just right could be your key to victory!

In multiplayer, everyone goes into Frenzy Mode at the same time! The player who does the best in the battle could get a special reward, so it pays to get in a frenzy together!


New Release: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

icon monster hunter freedom unite

The world’s most exciting hunting action game, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, is now available for iOS! Whether you’re a rookie or veteran hunter, intuitive touch controls will help you tackle the biggest, baddest monsters out there. Let the hunt begin!

There are so many ways to progress through Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS. With a multitude of quests to complete, you can choose to tackle something new, or go back and replay a quest you’ve already cleared with new weapons and tactics. How you play the game is really up to you!

You’ll embark on quests with numerous objectives, from gathering items to slaying monsters. If you’re successful, you’ll reap the spoils, which you can use to create and enhance weapons and armor. Once you’ve buffed up your character, you’ll be ready to take on even bigger quests!

Game Features
・Simple Controls
The controls have been designed so you can intuitively perform complicated actions at the touch of a button!

・Convenient Functions
A number of functions are included to assist you while you hunt, such as the ‘target camera,’ which keeps monsters in your sights, and the ‘pop-up icon,’ which indicates things you can interact with.

・Improved Graphics
The game’s graphics have been optimized for iOS devices. Just wait until you see all of the beautiful environments for you to hunt in!

・Online Play
You can go hunting with up to 4 players over Wi-Fi. When you run into a quest that’s just too much for you to handle by yourself, call on your friends to join the hunt!
*Online (co-op) play is not supported over mobile data connections such as 3G.
*To get the best co-op gameplay experience, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.
*You must be signed in to Game Center to play online (co-op).

・MFi Game Controller Support
Use the MFi Game Controller to get the best hunting experience!
*The MFi Game Controller is not compatible with iPhone 4s or iPad (3rd Gen).

TouchArcade Review: 5 out of 5
App Spy Review: 5 out of 5


Co-Op Mode Added: Terraria

icon terraria

*** NOW WITH MULTIPLAYER — Local wi-fi games support up to 4 players! Play Terraria with friends across any other mobile devices! Adventure together or duel each other in player-vs-player combat!***


The critically-acclaimed, best-selling indie sandbox adventure has finally arrived on iOS!

In Terraria, every world is unique — from the floating islands in the sky to the deepest level of The Underworld. Adventure to the ends of the earth, and defeat villainous bosses along the way. The world is your canvas!

Terraria is a Universal App — play on iPhone or iPad! Buy now and receive free updates with new content and features!

– 200+ CRAFTING RECIPES – weapons, armor, potions, and more!

– 25+ BLOCK TYPES to build anything you can imagine!



– Over a DOZEN environments to explore!

– Dynamic water & lava, day/night cycles!

– 10+ NPCs to meet and recruit to your home!

– Apple Game Center leaderboards & achievements!

Every pixel of Terraria iOS has been crafted for the BEST possible mobile experience — including brand new touch controls and tutorials!

Optimized for iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch 4 and above

Tilt to Live Co-Op Mode

Tilt to Live is a polished arcade game that has a great co-op mode.

We have been playing Tilt to Live for over a year. We finally decided to get the 99-cent in-app purchase to try the co-op mode. After 10 minutes of playing Tilt to Live, it was clear to us that the co-op mode is the best we’ve played to date for any iOS game.

Why is the co-op mode so great?

1. Great matchmaking: it allows for local wi-fi or bluetooth co-op multiplayer sessions. However, you don’t have to choose the wireless protocol. The game first tries wi-fi, and then if it can’t find a connection, it tries bluetooth, all behind the scenes.

2. Easy-to-understand gameplay: After 2 or 3 short games, we figured out what we needed to do. Tilt to Live co-op mode, entitled Viva la Turret, is all about getting a high score. Either player bumps into an orange circle and mans an automatic gun, while the other player picks up the shards that appear after the bad red dots have been shot. The more shards picked up, the higher the multiplier, and thus, the higher the score.

3. Great for short gameplay sessions: Most of our games lasted 30 to 60 seconds. So it’s easy to get quality co-op gaming in during short bursts, like 5 to 10 minutes at a time. On the other hand, the co-op mode is so fun, we’ve spent over 30 minutes in a row playing it.

4. Gamecenter leaderboard for co-op high score.

We tried the iPad version, Tilt to Live HD, but we preferred the iPhone version, because you don’t have to move your hands around as much to move your ship around.

So for now, Tilt to Live goes straight to the top of the coopmode.com Ranking of iOS Co-Op Games.

Tilt to Live - One Man Left Tilt to Live $2.99 and then $0.99 for the in-app purchase that includes co-op mode

Tilt to Live HD - One Man Left Tilt to Live HD free and then $4.99 for the in-app purchase that includes co-op mode

Blokus and Blokus HD

Blokus™ is the award-winning hit board game from Mattel. Block your opponents so they cannot add any more blocks on the board. The player or team with the most blocks on the board wins.

Two players can play in co-op mode as a team against two computer opponents. Blokus supports local multiplayer via Bluetooth and wi-fi and online multiplayer via wi-fi and 3G. While the single-player mode of Blokus allows you to change the difficulty of the computer opponents, the multiplayer modes of Blokus does not allow you to change the difficulty. The built-in difficulty of the computer opponents in the co-op mode is easy-to-medium difficulty.

Blokus is available for iPhone and iPod Touch, and Blokus HD is available for iPad. Conveniently, a player on the iPhone version of Blokus can play co-op games with a player with Blokus HD for iPad.

Blokus iTunes page $0.99

Blokus HD iTunes page $2.99