Blokus and Blokus HD

Blokus™ is the award-winning hit board game from Mattel. Block your opponents so they cannot add any more blocks on the board. The player or team with the most blocks on the board wins.

Two players can play in co-op mode as a team against two computer opponents. Blokus supports local multiplayer via Bluetooth and wi-fi and online multiplayer via wi-fi and 3G. While the single-player mode of Blokus allows you to change the difficulty of the computer opponents, the multiplayer modes of Blokus does not allow you to change the difficulty. The built-in difficulty of the computer opponents in the co-op mode is easy-to-medium difficulty.

Blokus is available for iPhone and iPod Touch, and Blokus HD is available for iPad. Conveniently, a player on the iPhone version of Blokus can play co-op games with a player with Blokus HD for iPad.

Blokus iTunes page $0.99

Blokus HD iTunes page $2.99


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