Tilt to Live Co-Op Mode

Tilt to Live is a polished arcade game that has a great co-op mode.

We have been playing Tilt to Live for over a year. We finally decided to get the 99-cent in-app purchase to try the co-op mode. After 10 minutes of playing Tilt to Live, it was clear to us that the co-op mode is the best we’ve played to date for any iOS game.

Why is the co-op mode so great?

1. Great matchmaking: it allows for local wi-fi or bluetooth co-op multiplayer sessions. However, you don’t have to choose the wireless protocol. The game first tries wi-fi, and then if it can’t find a connection, it tries bluetooth, all behind the scenes.

2. Easy-to-understand gameplay: After 2 or 3 short games, we figured out what we needed to do. Tilt to Live co-op mode, entitled Viva la Turret, is all about getting a high score. Either player bumps into an orange circle and mans an automatic gun, while the other player picks up the shards that appear after the bad red dots have been shot. The more shards picked up, the higher the multiplier, and thus, the higher the score.

3. Great for short gameplay sessions: Most of our games lasted 30 to 60 seconds. So it’s easy to get quality co-op gaming in during short bursts, like 5 to 10 minutes at a time. On the other hand, the co-op mode is so fun, we’ve spent over 30 minutes in a row playing it.

4. Gamecenter leaderboard for co-op high score.

We tried the iPad version, Tilt to Live HD, but we preferred the iPhone version, because you don’t have to move your hands around as much to move your ship around.

So for now, Tilt to Live goes straight to the top of the coopmode.com Ranking of iOS Co-Op Games.

Tilt to Live - One Man Left Tilt to Live $2.99 and then $0.99 for the in-app purchase that includes co-op mode

Tilt to Live HD - One Man Left Tilt to Live HD free and then $4.99 for the in-app purchase that includes co-op mode

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