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Jumbline 2 for iPad

Jumbline 2 for iPad

This word game got good reviews on the App Store, and in its description, it says “Play with friends and family cooperatively, or fly solo.” We tried the game, and it appears that there is no cooperative gameplay mechanism in the game. The way you can “play cooperatively” is one person plays the game, and the other watches over their shoulder and shouts out words they find in the game.

The game is fun, especially the Star Tower mode, but too bad it doesn’t have true cooperative gameplay.

Jumbline 2 for iPad - Brainium Studios LLC Jumbline 2 for iPad $2.99


Puzzlejuice is a hybrid word and puzzle game. Multicolored blocks constantly fall from the top of the screen, and it’s up to you to arrange them. Once you complete a row with these blocks they will turn into letters. The only way to clear out these blocks is to spell words. You can also match colors—that will make letters too.

There is no separate, dedicated co-op mode in Puzzlejuice. However, two players can split responsibilities in a single-player game, with one player handling the blocks, and with the other player making words. This works well on an iPad, but it is impractical on the smaller screen of an iPhone or an iPod touch.

Here is video of two people playing Puzzlejuice cooperatively on an iPad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezpFkdQUGEo

iTunes page $1.99