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What We’re Playing: Bloons TD 5

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Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a great tower defense game that you can play with friends or strangers. We play this everyday and still have fun.

Bloons TD 5 makes co-op matchups easy. In quick play mode, you choose the difficulty of the game and it can immediately match you with another player. If you want to play with a specific person, you both need to have different Facebook or Game Center accounts.
The towers of Bloons TD 5 are very unique. Many towers are monkeys throwing darts, boomerangs, and even using magic. Other towers are like banana farms that give you more money or missile launchers with shark looking missiles.

Another part of the game is earning experience that upgrades your towers. The more you play of the game, the more towers you unlock. Also, the more you play with specific towers, the more upgrades you can get for those towers. Each tower has two upgrade paths with four upgrades each.

Winning co-op games against the computer can earn you in game money that you can use on overall upgrades for your towers. In the monkey city, there is a monkey lab where you can spend your money on upgrades that will affect all of your towers. Some upgrades include faster firing, stronger towers, and increase in the amount of coins you start with in a game.

Bloons TD 5 is a fun game that we can easily enjoy. If you want to play against players instead of co-op, download Bloons TD Battles.


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What We’re Playing: Speed Guess Something

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Speed Guess is a creative game with two different game modes. It is a quick and fun game where you guess and draw with or against other people.

The first game mode that you can play is Draw and Guess. This is the co-op mode where you match up with other people and draw and guess for them. The goal is to have the longest match streak possible. The matches take place over time. You take turns and you may wait hours or days for other players to respond.

A cool element of the Draw and Guess game mode is the shop. Every time you guess a word or another person guesses your drawing, you earn coins. You can use the coins in the shop to buy new colors and bombs that destroy any unnecessary letters while you guess.

The second game mode is a competitive mode called Speed Guess. Unlike the Draw and Guess game mode, these matches are very quick. You are matched against a person and you only guess what is being drawn, you never draw for the other person.

In Speed Guess there are several categories to guess from. For example, there is a Food and Drinks category, a Films and TV category, and there is a Mixed Bag category where you can guess from all groups.
Speed Guess is an enjoyable game with elements of drawing and guessing.

screenshot speed guess

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What We’re Playing: Tales From Deep Space


Tales From Deep Space is a fun platformer with little puzzles and a touch of combat. It’s easy to have fun playing this game, even if you play 5 minutes at a time.

Being able to switch between the characters E and CASI is one reason why we enjoy this game. If you and your buddy are tired of playing the same character, you can just switch and you’ll be playing as the other character. That means that if you’re stuck on a puzzle, you can just switch and solve your partner’s puzzle instead.

Another cool element of the game we like is using different gadgets to advance through the game. Different gadgets help you solve different puzzles or help you reach a new section. The gadgets are very simple and easy to use, but some characters can’t use some of the gadgets. This means you have to really work together.

Tales From Deep Space is a wonderful game with great graphics and enjoyable gameplay.


What We’re Playing: Wrassling

wrassling screenshot

Wrassling is a funny little game that you can play to forget your worries. You can play with or against another person and knock pixelated wrestlers out of a boxing ring.

One reason we love Wrassling is that many things can take an unexpected turn in the game. When you fling a guy out of the ring, he can still fly back into the ring. When you’re knocking guys out like crazy, the edges of the ring will disappear and down comes a bulky boss.

In Wrassling you also collect hats that you can wear in games. Hats can be funky like a fishbowl or fancy like a top hat. Keeping a hat on while scoring points gives you extra points, but the hats can easily be knocked off your head.

We love Wrassling and play a few games every day, because it has quirky, absurd gameplay.


played on an iPad Air 2

What We’re Playing: Mighty Marvel Heroes

We are introducing a new feature to coopmode.com, What We’re Playing.

This week we’ve been playing Mighty Marvel Heroes, which is a very fun and quick game. You can play several games at once or only one in a short amount of time.

Mighty Marvel Heroes matchmaking

The co-op multiplayer matching is very unique, nothing we’ve ever seen before. You just start a game and press a button that automatically invites all your friends. Then they can all join your game until it becomes a party of 4 or until no one else wants to play. If you have a party of 3 or fewer, the game matches you with random people of your level and sets you off to your mission.

Mighty Marvel Heroes gameplay

Another exciting element of the game is recruiting new heroes. Every day you receive a free spin to recruit heroes. You can use your free spin or pay 500 in-game bucks to get a random hero. From Spider-man to Thor, you can win any hero-even ones you already have. When you receive a hero you already have, your hero levels up.

We’ve played Mighty Marvel Heroes for many days and it hasn’t gotten old. We are continually playing this game every day and enjoy it every time!

played on an iPad Air 2 and an iPad Mini 2