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What We’re Playing: Wrassling

wrassling screenshot

Wrassling is a funny little game that you can play to forget your worries. You can play with or against another person and knock pixelated wrestlers out of a boxing ring.

One reason we love Wrassling is that many things can take an unexpected turn in the game. When you fling a guy out of the ring, he can still fly back into the ring. When you’re knocking guys out like crazy, the edges of the ring will disappear and down comes a bulky boss.

In Wrassling you also collect hats that you can wear in games. Hats can be funky like a fishbowl or fancy like a top hat. Keeping a hat on while scoring points gives you extra points, but the hats can easily be knocked off your head.

We love Wrassling and play a few games every day, because it has quirky, absurd gameplay.


played on an iPad Air 2