Co-Op On The Go: 2-Player Bluetooth-Enabled Games for iPhone (updated 10/13/2013)

These games come in handy when you are on the go with a friend who also has an iPhone, and you want to play a quick co-op game to kill some time. Maybe you’re passengers in a car, or waiting to be seated at a restaurant, or in between classes on campus. These games are nice for on-the-go co-op gaming, because:

  • matchmaking via bluetooth is available, so you don’t need a wi-fi or cellular connection to start a game
  • these games can be played on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
  • sound is helpful but not essential, so they can be muted if there are other people near you
  • a game or level can be played quickly


Flight Control

flight control screenshot



METAL SLUG 1 screenshot


Tilt to Live (Viva la Turret In-App Purchase required for co-op mode)

tilt to live screenshot


Zombieville USA 2

zombieville usa 2 screenshot


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