What We’re Playing: Tales From Deep Space


Tales From Deep Space is a fun platformer with little puzzles and a touch of combat. It’s easy to have fun playing this game, even if you play 5 minutes at a time.

Being able to switch between the characters E and CASI is one reason why we enjoy this game. If you and your buddy are tired of playing the same character, you can just switch and you’ll be playing as the other character. That means that if you’re stuck on a puzzle, you can just switch and solve your partner’s puzzle instead.

Another cool element of the game we like is using different gadgets to advance through the game. Different gadgets help you solve different puzzles or help you reach a new section. The gadgets are very simple and easy to use, but some characters can’t use some of the gadgets. This means you have to really work together.

Tales From Deep Space is a wonderful game with great graphics and enjoyable gameplay.


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