Co-op Gaming on the new Apple TV

Apple TV

The 4th Generation Apple TV that hit stores a week ago already has a robust App Store full of games. Currently, games for the Apple TV are not separate from iOS Universal games–they are simply iOS games that have been made compatible with the Apple TV. We checked out three games that have co-op mode on the Apple TV:

icon crossy road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road for Apple TV has a co-op mode that has not been previously available for iPhone or iPad. In the Apple TV co-op mode, the goal is to attain the highest co-op score, which is simply the sum of the two individual scores. One player uses the Apple TV remote as a controller, and the other player uses an iOS device, such as an iPhone or an iPad, as the other controller. Both the Apple TV and the iOS device need to be connected to the same WiFi network. Initially our Apple TV was connected to our wired LAN, and we couldn’t get the iOS device to connect. When we unplugged the Apple TV from the wired LAN and connected via WiFi, the iOS device connected fine. Hopefully Hipster Whale introduces wired-WiFi compatibility in the future.

icon badland


Up to three players can play in co-op mode in Badlands. Supported controllers include the Apple TV remote control and MFi gamepads.

spaceteam icon


This fun party game now allows one player to participate using the Apple TV, getting instructions and a simplified control panel, operated by swiping.

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